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Automatic bottles washer PBSz-01 is a universal appliance designed for rinsing bottles made of glass, bottles and packages made of plastics, bottles of different capacities, shapes and filler openings diameters


Automatic bottles washer is built of the lamellar conveyor which delivers bottles to the perpetual distributing screw which in turn delivers bottles to the input star. The input star passes bottles to the revolving carrousel with bottle grabbers and jet nozzles mounted on its perimeter. Bottles are placed upside down in the bottle grabbers and are passed into the washing zone. The upside down position allows for rinsing the inside of the bottles with a stream of a strong jet of water or alcohol. After that bottles are being turned and are being removed from the rinsing appliance via output star. At clients request, the washer can be upgraded with the additional option in which after the rinsing, compressed air, removing the remnants of water or alcohol is applied. The rinsing medium can work in an open or in a close cycle, in the latter case double filters are applied. Double water or alcohol rinsing is optional. Every stoppage of the machine involves cutting-off the rinsing medium. Failure-free work of the machine is ensured by limit switches which prevent overload of the transportation stars and the distributing screw. In order to ensure safe work, the machine is equipped with sensors which disrupt the work of the machine the minute the doors or screens are being opened. The output of the machine and its height adjustment are controlled at the control desk.

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Operation (person):1111111
Output of the washing machine (bottles/hour):3000-300003000-240003000-120003000-90002000-65002000-60002000-4500
Number of grabbers:72604032242016
Overall dimensions (mm):       
Bottle dimensions (mm):       
Diameter:Ø45 -Ø100Ø45 -Ø100Ø45 -Ø100Ø45 -Ø100Ø45 -Ø100Ø45 -Ø100Ø45 -Ø100
Standard head diameter:Ø28Ø28Ø28Ø28Ø28Ø28Ø28
Head diameter (optional):Ø18 -Ø43Ø18 -Ø43Ø18 -Ø43Ø18 -Ø43Ø18 -Ø43Ø18 -Ø43Ø18 -Ø43
Height of the bottle conveyor (mm):1000 ± 501000 ± 501000 ± 501000 ± 501000 ± 501000 ± 501000 ± 50
Weight of the machine (kg):2800250018001600150014001200
Liquid for consumption purposes of nominal pressure:~ 1,1 m³/h.~ 0,95 m³/h~ 0,85 m³/h~ 0,8 m³/h~ 0,7 m³/h~ 0,65 m³/h~ 0,6 m³/h
Liquid for consumption purposes of nominal pressure:0,2 MPa0,2 MPa0,2 MPa0,2 MPa0,2 MPa0,2 MPa0,2 MPa
Amount of the rinsing medium in circulation:200dm³200dm³200dm³200dm³200dm³200dm³200dm³