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Linear separator is a device used to track bottles, which are transported via conveyor before loading the cartons. The device deploys bottles from one line to several, depending on the needs and orientation of the products in the box.


Distribution of rows does not stop transporting packaging, what provides high performance of the device. Implementation of separation is carried out by means of the movable sleeve and the articulation assembly with the longitudal and lateral movement. Lateral movement is  accomplished by  a ball screw thta is driven by servo motor in linear guide system. While the longitudinal movement of the eject and reject implemented by means of a belt driven by servo motor in linear guide system. Distribution of rows using a separatory funnel (in no way) does not decrease the transport speed of the packaging (the device operates at the speed of  preceding conveyor).

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Rows separator
Operation (person)1
Capacity (pack./h)18 000 – 20 000
Kind of packagingglass bottles, PET
Installed power (kW)2,5
Weight of the machine (kg)350
Dimensions (mm)5000 x 1300 x 1900 (H)