Adres : Karsy 52,
62-571, Stare Miasto, Polska

Jerzy Robak’s Mechanical Establishmen

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  • Technical advice,
  • The projectcomplies with the customer’s specific requirement

  • Performance,
  • Installation at the customer,
  • Start-up, commisioning and training of operating personnel,
  • Warranty service,
  • Modernization of the objects.

Jerzy Robak’s Mechanical Establishmen

Jerzy Robak’s Mechanical Establishment is a manufacturer of the wide range of machines and systems to internal transport in automatic and semiautomatic lines for a preparation of famous domestic and foreign producers’ liquids.

Jerzy Robak’s Mechanical Establishment has set up in 1996. His creator has had a big experience as a specialist in designing, modernization and repairing of specific machines for liquid’s preparation. Working in a spirit industry he has known a machinery park’s specificity in this branch.

A Jerzy Robak’s technical experience and machines and gears’ knowledge using in that kind of industry have been the most valuable assets of the new company

It wasn’t easy to make a decision about business activity in that branch but it has appeared successful and we can say- it has appeared a bull’s eye.

Today a Jerzy Robak’s Mechanical Establishment is a leader in his branch as a manufacturer of wide range of machines for a craning, rinse, filling, closing, packing and transport in the semiautomatic and automatic cycle of spirits, beers, wines and other grocery, technical, chemical liquids in the glass and plastic bottles. As far as possible our company offers a complex solving problems connected with inside transport both bottles and cartons. A chief and his staff’s pride is a high-tech equipment of entertainment, wealthy machinery park and professional technical infrastructure