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One-head closing machine type ZR-02-W1 is a device adapted for working in the automatic cycle to closing bottles, glass and plastic packaging by jaw closing heads. These kind of closing heads can close packaging with capacities from 100 to 1500 ml by caps type WERONIKA I or WERONIKA II with diameter from 28 mm to 31,5 mm with or without a protective ring. These devices can be used to closing different packaging by caps type Twist – off and to closing plastic packaging type PET with capacities from 250 ml to 5000 ml for each type of aluminium and plastic caps The caps can have a different shapes. This device is intended for uninterrupted closing of packaging- uninterrupted operation.


On the table of closing machine there is a single closing head and a rotary conveying star, which hale a separated drives. A separated lamellar bottles conveyor with an individual drive is connected to a closing machine. Over the closing head these is a tank with a caps sorter, from which protrude a sliding gutter feeding caps to a closing zone. Thanks to using a programming controlling system there is a possibility smooth regulation of capacity and in a case of use a rotary closing head –fit her rotational speed do capacity of closing machine. Suitably orientated caps are supplied by a servo-motor under a gripping head., which takes a cap and closes a packaging. Closed bottles are moped by a lamellar conveyor do the next device in the line.



„Pick and place”  type ZR-02-W1
Capacity (bottles/hour) 2000
Dimensions (mm)  
Length 1100
Width 650
Height (depending on bottle’s height) max. 2700
Weight of the machine (kg) 480
Bottle’s diameter (mm) 20-115
Bottle’s height (mm) 100-350
Installed power (kW) 1,67