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The pallet with jars is provided to the unloading place which is along the crane track (chain block). Servicing personnel, after holding gripping head, leads it over the pallets with jars. Assembling mat, which is made with special material, is lead to jars, then the side-channel fan is activated and attract jars to the mats. When the all layer of jars will be gripped, they are leaded to unloading table by the chain block. The width of the table is adapted for quantity of jars being at the pallet. In the middle of the letting down of jars, the unloading table is stopped (stopping down of the cell). When the air is pumped out from the gripping head by the side-channel fan, the jars are on the unloading table. The next step is a head convection and the uncovery of photocell. In that moment the unloading table is automatically worked and the jars are leaded to the washing machine. The plate link chain is the cranes for handling jar’s conveying element. Semi-automatic cranes for handling jars is dedicated to independent working in the line, to the glass jars. Cranes for handling jars type DNS-15 is consists of three subassemblies:

  • electric mobile chain block,
  • gripping head (with mat)
  • unloading table (adapted for a kind of jar and pallet).


Operation (people)1
Output (jars/hour)up to 20000
Jar’s dimensionsas required
Height of gapup to 5,5 m
Lifting capacity500 kg
Hosting speed1,7 m/min
Driving speed7 m/min
Acceptable ambient temperaturefrom -5°C to 48°C
Total power demand~ 13,6 kW
Side-channel fan SC50A1100T11 kW
Gear-motor with power:1,1 kW; 0,75 kW; 0,75 kW
Voltage rating400 V, 50 Hz