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Linear bottles’ drier type LOB-25 is used for water removal from glass bottles before a labelling. A packaging’s drier is used for a liquids removal from a surface of different types of packaging (bottles, jars, cans, etc) making with different materials (glass, PET, etc.).

A capacity of system is up to 25000 pcs./hour for all of packagings types. Driers are designed in conformity with individual clients’ needs.

These devices are destined for drying of packaging, which means in an un-broken using.


Packagings are taken to a drier by a lamellar conveyor. On the conveyor packagings are transported through a drier’s tunnel. Inside there is an air with a very high speed and a temperature higher than an ambient temperature about 16°C , which is escaping from a set of air knives and removing an accumulated moisture. Knives are supplied by a free-standing centrifugal blower, driven by a motor with a power suitable to clients’ needs.

A drier is characterized by a low (even 75%) power consumption and is a device with a high effectiveness of drying that exceeds effectiveness of previous systems.

In bottling lines we can dry below areas:

  • sides
  • top
  • bottom
  • under cap

It enables:

  • labelling
  • Ink-overprint
  • prevent a corrosion (under cap, can in a place of opening)
  • prevent to multiply bacteria

These device are mostly assembled before labellers, printers or shrank wrapping tunnels.



Capacity (bottles/h) 25000
Installed power (kW) 11 or 15
Dimensions (mm)  
Length 1255
Width 905
Height (depended on bottle’s height) max. 2300
Weight of the machine (kg) 100
Bottle’s diameter (mm) 20-115
Bottle’s height (mm) 100-350