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  • four-head machine type AZR-04-W1-SWK 800
  • six-head machine type AZR-04-W1-SWK 800
  • eight-head machine type AZR-04-W1-SWK 800
  • twelve-head machine type AZR-04-W1-SWK 80


Automatic closing machines type „Pick and place” are adapted to closing by jaw-heads. They are adapted to closing bottles, glass and plastic packaging with capacity from 100 to 1500 ml by caps type WERONIKA 1, WERONIKA II with diameter from 28 mm to 31,5 mm with or without protective ring. They can be used to closing of different types of packaging by caps type Twist-Off and also by plastic PET packaging with capacity from 250 ml to 3000 ml for any kind of aluminium and plastics caps. The caps can have a different shapes. A machine is intended to a continuous packaging’s closing


A packaging filled by fluid by means of a lamellar conveyor is leaded on a separating worm, which passes it on star. Then a star passes a bottle- a packaging, on the closing machine’s turntable and positions it  vertically in a head’s axis. Thanks to a cam-mechanism, which is in a upper case, a head lowers and makes a rotary motion, causing a closing of bottle or possible shape  of protective ring. A closing head’s rotary motion is put into practice by means of an additional drive fixed in an upper part of of closing machine. An additional drive enables to regulate any quantity of closing head’s turns. A quantity of turns is regulated by means of a frequency converter synchronized with a main drive of device. Putting a cap on bottle can be realized in two ways: taking directly by a closing head from a special plate, which ensures an ideal axis of cap towards a bottle or putting on bottle by cap’s feeder. A plate’s rotary motion is mechanically synchronized with turns of main case, in which there are closing heads. A pneumatic cap’s sorter SWK ensures a proper orientation of caps. Its capacity is precisely matched to machine’s capacity.




AZR-04-W1-SWK 800

AZR-08-W1-SWK 800

      AZR-06-      W1- SWK 800

AZR-12-W1-SWK 800

Capacity of closing machine (bottles/h)600012000900018000
Quantity of heads48612
Dimensions (mm)    
Length~ 1160~ 1160~ 1360~ 1360
Width~ 1060~ 1060~ 1260~ 1260
Height (depends on bottle’s height)max 3400max 3400max 3400max 3400
Working floor (mm)1100 ± 301100 ± 301100 ± 301100 ± 30
Engine power    
Main drive (kW)2,22,23,03,0
Lifting (kW)0,370,370,370,37
Head’s drive (kW)0,550,550,550,55