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  • AZW-04-SWK 800 four-head machine
  • AZW-08-SWK 800 eight-head machine
  • AZW-06-SWK 800 six-head machine
  • AZW-12- SWK 800 twelve-head machine


The AZW-04, AZW-08, AZW-06 and AZW-012 multi-head automatic closing machines are used for closing glass bottles whose capacity ranges between 0,2 and 1,0 litre with the PILFER- PROOF caps whose diameter is 18-40 mm and the FLAVER-LOK caps whose diameter is 28 mm with or without a protective ring and for PET plastic bottles whose capacity ranges between 0,33 and 2,5 litre with every type of caps. The diameter of bottles cannot exceed 120 mm and the bottles cannot be higher than 350 mm. The machine has been designed to work in a continuous mode.


The bottle filled with liquid is transferred by means of the apron conveyer to the conveying worm which in turn conveys it to the reel. Next, the reel conveys the bottle to the rotary bench of closing machine and puts it alongside the vertical axis of the head. Thanks to the cam mechanism of the main body, the head rotates while coming down and closes the bottle, making the thread paths and the securing ring. Once the bottle is closed, the head goes up and the bottle is released. Next the output reel transfers the bottle to the belt conveyors flight. The SWK 800 sorting device or other suitable device (depending of cap type) and the capping device, joined by means of a slide tube are used to automatically cap bottles.

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AZW-04-SWK 800

AZW-08-SWK 800

AZW-06-SWK 800

AZW-12-SWK 800

Quantity of heads48612
Capacity of the closing machine (bottles/h)600012000900018000
Dimensions (mm)    
Length~ 2000~ 2000~ 2000~ 2000
Width~ 1080~ 1080~ 1080~ 1080
Height (depending on the height of bottles)max 3000max 3000max 3000max 3000
Working floor (mm)1100 ± 301100 ± 301100 ± 301100 ± 30
Engine power    
Main drive (kW)2,22,23,03,0