Adres : Karsy 52,
62-571, Stare Miasto, Polska



Automatic crane for handling bottles is a machine for unloading new bottles from pallets onto processing line. The machine is automatic so that the operator’s work is kept to a minimum. The work of the machine is controlled by process control system based on SIEMENS programmer.


A pallet is directed by means of the roll conveyor into the handling area. At this stage, the machine begins cyclical handling of successive layers of bottles. First, the centring appliance is being lowered until it meets the layer of bottles and centres it by means of pressure strips. Then the bottle head is being lowered. At this moment, the gripping hoses are being inflated with air and then the process of centring is slowed down. In the next step, the head elevates and moves together with the layers of bottles over the buffer table. After checking the „free” zone on the buffer table, the head lowers, the air from the pneumatic hoses deflates and bottles are released. While performing the above activities, the separators intake head takes carton tray together with foil. The head, after moving bottles, goes back to its initial position and the machine commence the next cycle. Optionally, after removing all the bottles from the pallet, the empty pallet can be moved away from the handling area and transported by the staff to the reception place.

DPA 15 A rama chwytakowa


Operation (people)1
Output (bottles/hour)9000 – 22000
Diameter of bottles20 – 120 mm
Height of bottles50-350 mm
Number of gripsas required
Air pressure0,6 – 0,8 MPa
Nominal air consumption6,3 Nm³/h
Power (kW)7,5