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Zakład Mechaniczny Jerzy Robak has implemented technology of precise laser cutting. This service is made on new Bystronic laser machine, which allows to economic and what is more, comprehensive treatment of various types of metal sheet  without the need for further treatments while maintaining full repeatability of set parameters.
To meet the demands of the market and needs of our Customers, thanks to the newest technology, laser cutting it becomes to be more popular method. Laser cutting of metal sheet and other materials through laser beam enables to get the highest precision – laser beam is controlled via computer and can perform even the most complicated patterns – designs, which could not be performed by manual treatment.
Laser cutting is recommended primarily for those projects where accuracy and precision processing are essential.
We perform all order from own material and entrusted material.
Using the newest technology and machines we ensure the highest quality.
We  cut materials to the following thickness:
  • black steel to  20 mm
  • stainless steel to 12 mm
  • aluminum (AW5754) to 10 mm
  • brass (CuZn37) to 6 mm
  • copper (OF-Cu) to 6 mm
  • galvanized (DC01+Ze) to 3 mm
We also offer bending / folding  of metal sheets on CNC presses.
Our machine park was enriched with press brake Bystronic, that enables to perform the highest quality service in range of metal sheet treatment. This device allows to smooth and fast folding of metal sheet with maintaining all safety and technological requirements. Thanks this technology, metal treatment is extremely precise and all performed components are well-fitted in the end product.
We fold metal sheets to the thickness of 6 mm and corrugated sheet (finned)
Choosing our offer, we ensure:
1. 100 % warranty of repeatability of bended elements even in production of large series,
2. Lack of scratches on bending elements,
3. bendig of complicated shapes,
4. 3D computer design enabling to exact bendig of elements without the waste,
5. the speed of orders execution,
6. full control of production process.
To meet needs and demands of our Customers we realize individual and serial orders. Calculation are made individually,  taking into consideration length and thickness of material. In this way we will be able to estimate, costs of metal treatment.
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