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Closing heads type GMT-62 and GMT-82 are devices, which cooperate with different kind of closing machine. They can be installed in closing machines produced by a company ROBAK and also by STORK, ALCOA, Aroll, Zalkin. A construction of closing device should ensure an execution of suitable quantity of turns. A construction of sinusoidal cam has to characterized of dual jumps that enables to take out caps from a passing plate and execute of closure with suitable moment of tight. Tips turning caps are exchangeable and lined of a special type of material which ensures a suitable coefficient of friction and also sustained operational use. A moment of tight is regulated precisely by magnetic clutch equipped with neodymium magnets type N38.

Closing heads type GMT-62  oraz GMT-82 are designed for an execution of closure by cap type Twist-Off which consists of aluminium cap with placed inside a plastics pad. The caps have a wide range of diameters.

Making a suitable modification of closing jaws we can adapt closing heads to closure of different caps manufactured with aluminium and material. A very wide range of caps’ diameters and their shape makes them a very universal devices. These kind of heads are used in a food industry, spirit industry, cosmetic industry, chemical industry.

twist off


Head’s diameter89 mm
Head’s height340 mm
Weight5 kg