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Linear bottle blow purging machine type LPB is intended for water removal from internal walls of glass packaging before their filling. A blow purging machine of packaging type LPB is intended for liquids removal from the packaging’s inside (bottles, jars, etc.). Production capacity of this system depends on capacity of technological line. Blow purging machines are designed according to individual client’s needs. They are intended for interrupted drying of packaging- interrupted operation.

Bottles/jars are transported by conveyor and let in the input section of bottle’s/jars’ positioner with a bottle’s/jar’s hole up. A set of bars, appropriately screwing formed, causes that moving pressuring large bottles/jars, are being turned away in the vertical axis for angle 180 ° at the end of the entry section. Such turned large bottles/jars are being inserted into the section of draining. In this section a water is blowed from walls of large bottles/jars by a compressed air and bottles/jars are drayed.

Large bottles/jars drained in this way are being inserted into the initial section of bottle’s/jar’s positioner where they are turned from the position is taking place – with hole into the bottom- to the item of the normal i.e. – with hole up and transferred with conveyor to the next machine being in a technological line.



Linear bottle blow purging machinetype LPB
Capacity (pack./h): According to capacities of machines in the line
Dimensions (mm)  
length approx. 3000
Width approx. 500
height approx. 1300
Weight of the machine (kg) 100
Installed power (kW) 0,5
Pressure (MPa) 0,7-0,8