Adres : Karsy 52,
62-571, Stare Miasto, Polska


  • VS 60/12
  • VS 48/12
  • VS 32/8
  • VS 24/8
  • VS 20/4


The single unit (mono-block) consists of the rotary filling machine and rotary closing machine set on one, compact case at the base of which the main drive is placed. The pouring machine, depending on type, is equipped with 20 to 60 pouring units, with gravity pouring system, assisted by little vacuum. Closing node of the monoblock is equipped with closing heads, number of which is also dependent on equipment type – from 4 to 12 heads. Depending on type of caps, closing machine has closing heads with reciprocating move or reciprocating and rotating move. The monoblocks are designed according to Client’s individual needs. They are designed for continuous filling and closing the bottles, so to uninterrupted exploitation.


Clean, rinsed bottles are delivered to the monoblock using plate conveyer, equally spaced using separating worm and, using input star, introduced onto the rotary table of the pouring machine. The bottles are clamped by hoisting unit to achieve tight connection of their heads with pouring units. The pouring units open, causing firstly gas pressure equalisation in bottle and in tank, and then gravity pouring it with the liquid up to designated level and finally again equalisation the pressure in bottle with atmospheric pressure. In this point hoisting unit is lowered and pouring unit closes. Then the intermediate transporting star moves filled bottles to closing node, where they are tightly closed using appropriate heads. Using output star, closed bottles are transferred to collecting belt conveyer, which moves them to following device of the line. Whole bottling process is automatic and their parameters are read and adjusted on control panel. On Client’s request, the producer can deliver replaceable elements of the equipment, according to different types of bottles and caps.



  VS 60/12 VS 48/12 VS 32/8 VS 24/8 VS 20/4
Operation (people) 1 1 1 1 1
Output (bottles/hour) up to 21000 up to 18000 up to 10500 up to 7000 up to 6000
Number of nozzles 60 48 32 24 20
Amount of closing heads 12 12 8 8 4
Bottles dimensions (mm)          
diameter Ø45 – Ø110 Ø45 – Ø110 Ø45 – Ø110 Ø45 – Ø110 Ø45 – Ø110
height 105 – 400 105 – 400 105 – 400 105 – 400 105 – 400
standard head diameter Ø28 Ø28 Ø28 Ø28 Ø28
head diameter (optional) Ø18- Ø43 Ø18- Ø43 Ø18- Ø43 Ø18- Ø43 Ø18- Ø43
Power (kW) 5,5 4,5 3,5 3,0 3,0
Weight of the machine (kg) 6800 5400 4000 3200 2400
Air pressure (MPa) ~ 0,6 ~ 0,6 ~ 0,6 ~ 0,6 ~ 0,6