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This machine is equipped with systems designed for labelling on the part of packaging or on the whole circuit using the labelling head Master Label Classic and one of the two systems of three rolls or the side panel which ensure proper rotary motion of the package during issuance of the labell. This kind of machine is used for labelling round packaging of any diameter and height, having a conical shape, made of any material – packaging of glass, HDPE, PET, steel and aluminium.

Technical description

Top pressure, vision inspection allows for precise application of counter-labels. Additional separators and properly contoured pressure rollers are just some of the solutions that can be used for labelling more demanding products. Labelling machine can be a separate device equipped with its own conveyor or can be installed on existing conveyors. Adjustable up to 6 axis slides of labelling heads allow you to set the head in the correct position relative to the labelled packaging.


Technical data

Labelling machine  LEB-100/MC
Operation (person)1
Capacity (pack./h)ut to 2500
Kind of packagingPET, glass bottles
Installed power (kW)1,2
Air pressure (MPa)0,4-0,6
Weight of the machine (kg)